im (not) so brave

so i bought these pants in my beloved Megasekač in Prague about a year ago but didn't quite know how to wear them so i let them rotten in the back of my closet. When i finally rediscovered them last week i made a personal effort to make them shine like they deserve to.
Here, i think i have to point out that i haven't shown my midriff to the world (minus-obviously-at the beach) in the last 6 years or so therefore pulling off this outfit was kinda risky and questionable. Anyhow, i think it worked out quite well and i am not soooo ashamed of it (and thus the bravery to post it)

p.s. ashamefully, i have to admit i changed into a plain(long) white t-shirt before leaving the house. hold ure fingers crossed i am more courageous next time and actually wear the tube top!

wearing: vintage pants, grandma's belt, vintage tube top and Mass peep toes

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Nena pravi ...
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Nena pravi ...

i'd def wear an even tinier top then the one you're wearing. don't b an ass nina and obey the slovene-ness! :)
how bout those rotary shoes instead of these?

the belt - i steal some day :P ;)

too bad those pants rnt black - u could wear them tomorrow 2d party :)*