the vintage/second hand market in the atrium

me and Nena after the show

PC Veronika Košir

Hatanaa fire show

the lovely girls!

PC žurnal.si

the fashion show was insane! i'm still high on the feeling and will just post a few photos for now....i'll do more once the hungover ends ;)

WE DID IT! and we wouldn't be able to without the help of Šušu, Pri zelenem zajcu, Hatanaa, Tjaša, Eva May, Nataša, Tanja, Miha, Tamara, the models, the staff and of course: the audience!
and the special thanks must go out to my mum, who started me on the whole sewing thing and also introduced me to the awesome world of vintage!

3 komentarji:

Eva Ana pravi ...

kje je bla ta tržnca? hudiča jez use zamudim.

čudna pravi ...

ful je blo fajn & komi čakamo nadaljevanje ;)

Anonimni pravi ...

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