summer trippin

i admit returning back to the city almost a week ago but i was sadly too busy running around and doing stuff to post anything....... also i am sorry about not posting any beach photos but to be quite truthful the whole vacation was too lazy and relaxed to bother taking photos.

the bag in these photos was the one that stood out from the rest of the kitchy crap on the Umag street stall. bargaining the price only gave shopping the extra thrill!

wearing: old Levis 501 cutoffs, random tank top, DIY vest (got it as charity from a friend, it was white and useless but i tye-dyed it and now it's perfect for layering), fringe bag from a street stall, Havanians flip flops (huuuge blisters on my heels prevent me from wearing anything else) and Spitfire sunglasses

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