metal nail

i've never been the one to care about manicures. actually, i think it's absolutely tacky to have (fake)nails longer than your fingers and covered in crystals and shit... eeeewwwww

i don't even owe a proper nail pile and used to bite my nails as a child. In the last years i have gotten used to wearing stong coloured polishes like red and pink but now i want my nails to BE SILVER OR GOLD! where the hell can i get my hands on a nail polish like this? please, please someone answer my prayers..........

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china glaze Hi-tek kolekcija, recimo odtenek millenium
ali pa maybelline mirror image, se pa nobeden ne dobi v slo (itak), probaj na ebayu ;) sta pa oba dober priblizek temu na slikah, mislim pa da gre na teh fotkah prav za folijo (posebna tehnika). lp