PC Ana Kovač (i love love love this photo of us!)

PC Ana Seljan

PC Anže Kokalj

PC Aleš Ruter

this is supposed to be the first quick post about the Maremeke fashion show. I think we totally outdid the Kix'nFix one. Opposed to my worries about no one showing up, the museum was full!

While designing and sewing i went crazy with colors and inventing prints... Personally i never wear this much color so this was a great opportunity to see if i can even comprehend all the hues. After the usual before-the-show frensy everything worked out perfect and couldn't be prouder! The models looked spectacular in their ridiculously high heels, short skirts and high ponytails.

of course, the show was accompanied by the second hand market, which now even had a small man's department. It was so crowded you had to push people aside to pass! It was one of my dreams to bring the concept vintage to Slovenia and in a small way i think i have suceeded.

Again, i want to thank everyone for all the help!we couldn't do it without you all!!!

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