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So... for a while now i've been thinking about slovenian personal stlye. Thinking of celebrities who might get on the best dressed list (if Slovenia ever produced one that is) and i must admit it was muuuuch easier listing the ones that would make the worst dressed lists. I mean, come on...are Slovenians really that bad when it comes to personal style?

kaj pa slavni rek 'OBLEKA NAREDI ČLOVEKA'? Očitno se Slovenci za to ne menimo preveč in v resnici verjamemo v 'lepoto od znotraj' ali kaj? Bi še verjela, če ne bi bilo očitno, da je v vse outfite vloženo ogromno truda in premisleka. Celo preveč!
Če bi vsaka Slovenka preden zapusti stanovanje s sebe vzela en kos nakita bi bilo stanje že veliko boljše. Tako pa je večinoma predozirano z barvami, oblikami, pasovi in nakitom. Nek se vidi razkoš scena. Ampak na žalost je to razkoš plastičnih uhanov in umetnih diamantov.

i present to you the best dressed men:

Aljoša Bagola: young, simple style. It shows he understands proportions and colors and also looks casual, which is always a great plus in my book!

Alan Hranitelj: a genious with patterns, colors and combinatons but a tiny bit too strict/uptight  for my taste.

the worst dressed men: 

Artur Štern: i just cant find any fitting words... what the fuck is up with the boots? and shorts after the agre of 7?

Steffanio: juvenile style, otherwise fit only for teenagers without personalities?

and the best dressed women:

Marjeta Grošelj: She can just do no wrong! Exquisite taste for mixing  textures, fabrics, volumes! She relaizes her age but doesn't let it limit her to wearing only orthopedic shoes(i mean...i saw her rock Rick Owens boots the other day!) and shapeles blouses. 

Maja Ferme: her attention for detailes makes me like her personal style quite a lot! She compliments the most simple dress with the right choice of nail or lipstick color and voila: instant style. 

 the also...worst dressed women: 

Tina Gaber: she doesn't need to make her resembelance to oversized (and squished faced) Barbie doll more obvious by her choice of clothes. Oh, the colors! oh, the matching bag'n'necklasses! oh, one belt on many outfits! oh, the clevage/bare legs combo! Oh, dear Santa, bring this woman some style! 

Tanja Žagar: one particular red/white striped cheap-ass dress...worn for an entire summer at every event? Really, are you THAT poor? Also, if you have red hair i think the rule is: no red, pink, yellow or any other bright colored clothes! Plastic jewellery? Waaaaay too many accesories per outfit? I just can't say anything else but this: dear Tanja, please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top: HIRE A STYLIST! Otherwise, what a waste of a pretty girl ;)

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3 komentarji:

silvestre pravi ...

Ke je Saša Hes? Siriously...

čudna pravi ...

in kar je najbolj žalostno: ti ljudje naj bi imeli nekaj pod palcem in bi si lahko privoščili kaj kar si navadni smrtniki ne moremo.

duckalicious pravi ...

težko se bi odločila med Tino in Tanjo, ampak se mi zdi, da je Tina kljub vsemu še mal v prednosti. as cheap as it gets!