These last days i've been thinking of a concept for a photoshooting of NinaNena clothes. I've been hugely inspired by all the snow  but unfortunately the bad weather made our photographer sick so...... the photoshooting is posponed indefinitely. I just hope the snow is here to stay ;)

But this post is about decadence, rich materials, dripping diamons, fur....... i gotta say, judging by my latest obbsesions, i really am not a fan of minimalistic aesthetics. I wish i had somewhere to go to dressed in such clothes. The opera maybe...but not in Slovenia where people wear jeans to such grand occasions.

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duckalicious pravi ...

a je oblekca na prvi iz TopShopa? se mi zdi, da sem jo že mela na seb in odložila nazaj. kaj men ni jasn? :D

Kitchy Bitchy pravi ...

Mislim da sm jo vidla v dorothy perkins, sam je ful čudno dolga... tko da si je tudi jst nisem kupila :(