going home

i got this amazing 'diamond' necklace at the Christmas market by Ljubljanica river and now i've been figuring out a way to wear it casually- even to work. So when my boyfriend let me cut up one of his old sweatshirts i figured it could be a perfect match for the new necklace. It makes perfect sense to pair these two to create a perfect dress up/dress down combo.
Here are the photos of me leving the office on one of the snowies days. Oh, and i finally bought a pair of wellies! i realize Nena has got exactly the same pair (and i apologize for being a copy cat) but since she has moved far far away i thinks no one is ever gonna see us wear them at the same time. 

 wearing: Borovo wellies, h&m leggins, American Apparel mesh dress, boyfriend's sweatshirt, 'diamond' neckace, h&m jacker with fake fur collar and a zara bag


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Nena pravi ...

they're cheap as fcuk - guess what we should b wearing at our nex fashshow :)))