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I love racer back bras but unfortunately they (mostly)only produce the sport versions. Which i naturally hate since i do 0 sports. I bought this black Triumph bra with the loveliest T back ever a while ago in a crappy outlet store. And have been searching for another one just like it ever since. It's the best bra i ever bought and i have no idea what am i gonna do when it falls apart. Of course i had no luck with the search until today when  i found a similar one by Little Bra Company online. 
well...if anyone ever spots one of these in real life plese buy it for me :)

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Mojca L. pravi ...

ei mislim da sem vidla v neckermanu neke podobne modrce, ko imajo to zadevao na T vzadu.. al pa Otto (ena od teh reveij)

Kitchy Bitchy pravi ...

ej ful ti hvala :)