future (fortune?) teller

When i designed this (+this) furry skirt i had no idea i was on to something....i thought i was out there and there was no one to understand me. But hell was i wrong! It seems that Fall 2010 is gonna be hairy as my legs are right now:

pc style.com

p.s. i gotta say that i think Chanel took it too far...the word Yeti just keeps popping into my mind :) :)

4 komentarji:

silvestre pravi ...

The Chanel "suit" was definitely made for the Russian market. They have too much money and absolutely no sense for fashion (like they care for their looks, but they do take care for their price tag).


Carolina Krews pravi ...

I love Lanvin!

Nena pravi ...

js sem pa ravn v Evi pisala o tem :)
da ma Karl smisel za humor :) men je usec to da se je podal u tak ekstrem k majo vsi vedno neka pricakovanja "resnosti" glede Chanela :)

Kitchy Bitchy pravi ...

itak! sam res ne vem kdo razn Rusinj bi to actually hotu dat gor :)

Lanvin je res ful bol kjut interpretacija :)