just something i had...you know...lying around

This April...i-am-moving-in-with-my-boyfiend (kind of a big deal for me... resulting in freaking out, sleepless nights, crazy dreams) The thing is i really love my freedom, my room, flat, flatmates, the dog, the center of Ljubljana. But everyone  needs to grow up sometimes /i guess/... so slowly im getting excited about the idea of choosing furniture, deciding on wall color and /of course/ waking up next to Him every morning.

Ang this is why i've been cleaning out my closet and found tons of things i even forgot i had; like this vintage dress i bought in London years ago. The blazer is 'new', though, i just got it a couple of weeks ago in a second hand store in Klagenfurt.

3 komentarji:

drsalka™, the raver pravi ...

the blazer is awsome...as if inspired by latest/last mcqueen embroderies - on time! :)

Kitchy Bitchy pravi ...

aneda :)
mi je mal velik pa kaj pol!

Nena pravi ...

aja? ne zgleda da bi bil imo :)