something old, something new, something blue...

There's nothing like a reunion with a dear friend you haven't seen in a while! It goes for a pair of shoes found in the depths of my closet....and it goes for my dear dear friend Tjaša, who has abandoned us to live her life in exciting New York. It was lovely seeing her and i gotta say it felt almost like she never left.

wearing: vintage beaded top, Orsay denim shorts, vintage clutch and Asos strappy sandals (i've never bought anything online before and i gotta say it's exciting to order something, then agonize about it not fitting then agonizing about parcel not arriving then going into ecstasy when the parcel arrives and everything fits. to sum it up...i think i might get addicted to online shopping!)

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duckalicious pravi ...

ooo, ta top je prehud. lajk lajk