In reference to the previous post: i did some serious research and found out that i wasn't mistaken...transparent heels HAVE taken over the runways! Karl Lagerfeld even did furry boots with 'icecube' heels! I'm still sure inspiration came from these classy shoes: 

but i think the designers managed to transform them well enough not to look trashy:

Stella McCartney



Martin Margiela


affordable version: Noranapetke.si

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4 komentarji:

NiNocHka pravi ...

Tele od Fendi...ahhhh ♥

drsalka™, the raver pravi ...

men so pa fendi najbolj cheesey version :S sm bolj za pradin śpićak al pa margiela <3

Kitchy Bitchy pravi ...

a Chanelov pa nobena noče? hihihi

duckalicious pravi ...

I'll take Stella's blue ones