pastel perfect

I've never worn pastel colors untill now! The thing that started it all was this lovely Asos bag that i ordered a couple of months ago. At first i had no clue what to pair it with but soon my wardrobe was filled with soft pink, white and grey pieces.
Oh, and there's big news: we're doing another Vintage Vikend! All i can tell you for now is that it's gonna take place in Farandula store druing the last weekend of August.... and i promise to fill you in with other details asap.


wearing: h&m dress and sunglasses, vintage necklace, asos bag, heels from Valencia (a present from my favourite man)

2 komentarja:

drsalka™, the raver pravi ...

i've same sunnies - i got them in black and brown cuz they were so cheap :)

Kitchy Bitchy pravi ...

ja, 1eu si pa lahk prvoščim zapravit :) :) :)