couch potato

I'm too tired to really write anything so i'm just posting my look of the day. Come to think of it this blog has mostly turned into my outfit diary. I promise to post something other than this real soon!
All i will say is that i Do love this jacket! I bought it at Vintage Vikend and i'm never letting go! The print reminds me of old sofas/curtains and it's a perfect match to these silky trousers.


wearing: vintage Egoist by Peter Thaler blazer, h&m crop top, asos body, zara trousers, mango sandals, spitfire sunglasses
btw, i'm wearing  the same pair of pants as Karla:

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Simona pravi ...

Hlače so mi zelo všeč! <3


Kitchy Bitchy pravi ...

hvala :)