look, it's the doggy in the window

wearing: cinti booties, h&m leggins + top, asos bag, vintage fur coat + necklace + brooch + rings
photos by Eva

Last week i went to check out the newly opened second hand store in BTC - Gvant. It's at the same place as Šuss used to be and it looks pretty similar as well. I stroke lucky with this wonderful fur coat. I love how my haircolor just blends in with the fur and how oh so very soft it feels. Yeah, im still not very politically correct....but at least i am warm ;)
I am super glad Ljubljana got another second hand store and i plan to check it out regularly :) :)

p.s. isn't that just the most adorable dog you've ever seen?

3 komentarji:

glista pravi ...

hej, kam pa se je preselila una prva 2nd hand trgovina?

Kitchy Bitchy pravi ...

na vič, nasproti interšpara...naslov: Tbilisijska ulica 59

glista pravi ...

hvala, bom šla počekirat.