Sweat, baby, sweat

wearing: asos bag, tally weijl ankle boots, h&m sweatpants, lisca body, zara cardigan, vintage brooch, only leather jacket, vintage headband, vintage gold rings

So...yeah, i'll admit it! i haven't worked out since high school. But that has not stopped me from buying a pair of sweatpants yesterday. I will wear them to work, to lounge around home, to sleep in but never to the gym. Ok, i will probably have to start working out someday (older, wiser... all that crap) but for now my only workout remains cycling to the center + carrying tons of shopping bags. 

Oh, and i finally got round to dying my hair! I got right what i wanted  and now im a proud half brunette half blond(ish)

3 komentarji:

Simona pravi ...

Super outfit, trenerka mi je vsec ;) pa lepa barva las <3


L I D A pravi ...

tudi jaz hočem trenirko:)
pa frizura je super*

Kitchy Bitchy pravi ...

hvala punce :)
frizura bo pa šla še mal bolj na blont...se mi zdi da se ne vidi dost :/