Affordable Chanel

If you can't afford any Chanel products...you can always tattoo the brand on your body and become a Chanel original yourself. Personally i think this idea files under the same 'stupid tattoo' category as having the word red tattooed on your neck.
via carolinesmode

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ana pravi ...

to me spomne na stavek v besedilu All Falls down od kanye Westa... She couldn't afford a car so she named her daughter Alexis

Eva May pravi ...

hahaha ana bravo, najboljsi koment leta...funny.

Nina a si gremo na nadlakti tri adidasove crte tetovirat?

Kitchy Bitchy pravi ...

ja, in potem počasi končamo takole:


duckalicious pravi ...

kako sploh komu pade na pamet, da bi si dal to vtetovirat nase? fail x/