blinding bling

wearing: asos boots + thights, vintage mini skirt + scarf, h&m t, primark ring

This has so far been one of those perfect weekends when all you do is enjoy the sun, spend Saturday morning walking in the park with a friend, cook awesome lunch, take a nap after it, go out and dance all night, have late Sunday breakfast, go to the flea market, have coffee in your favourite cafe... and the best part is it's not even over yet :)

2 komentarja:

duckalicious pravi ...

hud prstan! pazi, da si česa ne strgaš z njim, jst sm si zanč z enim uspela natrgat kiklo in pulover :S

Kitchy Bitchy pravi ...

uuu, hvala...jst si ZLO rada strgam nove najlonke :/
upam, da nisi naderila prevelike škode