Since i kicked my addiction to BSB in 1996 i haven't really been the 'crazy fan' type. I managed to keep my cool and not harass famous people i got a chance to see/meet (yes, i walked straight by when Victoria Beckham was signing her book in Selfridges. Ok, not completely true - i would have loved to stop and stare but the crowd was too huge so i only caught a glimpse). But when i ran into Valerija Kelava last summer i couldn't help myself - i had to get a photo....please don't mind my stupid starstruck face and just enjoy Valerija's fabulousity. 

It is only appropriate i now post some of my favorite photos of her (there are soooo many i really had troubles choosing a few,hihi):

Ah, who am i kidding...i looove me some 'celebrity' company, just take a look at this: 

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.sparkle* pravi ...

uf, zadnja fotka je za v okvir :)

Valerija <3

I r e n a pravi ...

Valerija <3 Ni druge kot ponos da jo imam in da je uspešna! Auer ga zmaga :D

Žiga Mihelčič pravi ...

love Valerija! she rocks!:)