Will of the Phil

Who got the most out of the super mega important royal wedding? Philip Tracy, i believe! He produced over 100 hats/fascinators for the guests and i have to say he can show a spectacular range of designs - from completely organic to super structured pieces. Though i can't quite figure it out how some of the designs defy gravity i am fascinated by all of them. It's not the end of the busy year for Philip with another royal wedding coming up but i think he'll manage... in worst case scenario the Queen's personal assistant can come help him - apparently she's a hat designer as well ;) Also...the royals MUST soon get to know Ana Lazovski and her lovely head pieces.

The Queen in her personal assistant Angela Kelly's design (is it just me or it sort of looks like a cake?)

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Eva Ana Kazić pravi ...


duckalicious pravi ...

lemon cake.

beba pravi ...

Za pojest je :D Haha