galaxies and crystals

I am sooo lusting overe these 'raw crystal rings' i can't even put it to words. Of course i could go to h&m and get me a plastic one but i can't bare that thought...so i will quest the world to find a perfect crystal of amethyst and then i will get the ring custome made. It might take forever but i'm hoping it will be worth to wait for ;)
Oh and i do love the Maud Traon rings as well...as much as i hate (visibly) handmade jewelery these rings are crafted to such a perfection it makes me forget all about the material they're made of (probably fimo masa, yuck!). 

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rozy pravi ...

WOW, gorgeous rings.. me want :)

Psychocouture pravi ...

OMG I love these! I just have to make a post containing this rings, hope you don't mind, I'll put a link to your blog as source =)