odyssey to Jane Doe

Never being the typical tourist the first thing i do when i travel to a new destination is check out the local vintage shops. On my recent trip to Belgrade i did the same and set out to find (the only) vintage store - Jane Doe. The two (male) friends had no better plans for that afternoon so they decided to join me on my odyssey. 'Why be so dramatic?' you may ask ... Here's why: location of the origin of the odyssey: the hostel in the very center of Belgrade. Location of the shop: about 5km down a sizzling hot boulevard. We walked through parks,  rested every couple of meters, took a swim in a fountain, ate about a gallon of ice cream and finally made it to Jane Doe. And were pleasently surprised by the coolness of the store! The space is super welcoming, it has that quirky 'vintage' feel to it that makes me feel right at home, the displays are lovely and the selection of items is awesome! They even sell redesigned pieces! I tried on some really funny 80ies dresses while the guys drank Cedevita the shop assistant nicely served us with. Oh, Nina the shop assistant was super helpful - she told us about all the best places to visit while in Belgrade, made us laugh and almost closed the shop to go to the beach with us :) I bought some cool pieces i will surely post later on but for now i leave you with some photos of Jane Doe: 

When we were returning to the center we took a cab - a smarter, faster, cooler and cheaper decision than walking ;)

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duckalicious pravi ...

prva fotka - vse te barve, printi in teksture na obešalniku - kr potopila bi se not!

duckalicious pravi ...

in other words: kaj si mi prnesla? :D