Never before have i been excited about any of the h&m/megadesigner collaborations. For obvious reasons - extreme crowds, cheap materalials...plus nothing really ever spoke to my aesthetics (even though i once caved in and bought a Sonia Rykiel hairclip). But this year, oh, i soooo am gonna go get me some Versace! It's everything i get excited about: vintage inspired, crazy coloured, studded and cheap(er). Personally i blame Lady Gaga and her latest obsession with 1992 Versace for the whole thing. And i am grateful for that because otherwise they would probably do yet another boring sort of minimalistic collection and collaborated with someone who needs a bit more media coverage.

The following photos remind me of times when the real supermodels ruled the catwalks, women were still allowed to have curves and be really sexy, cocain was the go-to drug, no one used cell and Kris Kross was the no.1 hit:

After this trip down the memory lane i have to say that the h&m collection is a wonderful homage to Gianni and has perfectly put a bit ob 1992 into 2011. I actually hope none of u guys like it so there will be more left for me ;)

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