@ dell

Dell covers, designed by Zoran Aragović

last photo by Anže Frantar
wearing: asos shoes, zara pants + blazer + shirt, vintage coat, random necklace

Yesterday i attended a slightly unusual press conference, hosted by Dell in the newly opened Cubo hotel. After the usual part (speech, singer April singing one of her songs etc...) everyone was given a laptop cover and got to express his/her creativity. It sort of reminded me of art classes we used to attend in elementary school and i have to say i loved the creative energy - everyone grabbing brushes, borrowing paint  and secretly peaking at what others are doing. Croatian designer Zoran Aragović was there to help us find inspiration and while his aesthetic is not really my cup of tea i have to say he is a super nice'n'funny.

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Mancina pravi ...

nina totaalno lajkam tvoj outfit!! <3

beba pravi ...

Oo, kak si bla zanimivo oblečena! Všeč všeč! (: