Never say never

 whaaat? it says Hermes on my forhead? Now all i need is a Dolce&Kafana tshirt!

Never have i thought i would someday make an attempt at wearing a turban! And be a brand whore! I was 'forced' into it by the cold weather and the fact that i only own like two hats. So after getting bored with my hats i figured it was time to try something new and i used my vintage Hermes scarf to create a turban. It was a fun solution for a day but i don't think i'll wear it again anytime soon...i'll leave that to Catherine Babas and All Around Eves of the world :)
Oh, the white fur in the last photo is Miša.

2 komentarja:

nena pravi ...

yay for the plišast top :)

Marko pravi ...

Ha ,.. ma kašne :>