Out of the way, darkness!

wearing: asos pants, noranapetke.si pumps, vintage sweater + shirt + clutch, h&m sunnies

Yesterday i tried to pull off the biggest spring trend: white. And let me tell you it is not the colour to wear if you are as messy of a person as i am! My pants had dirty patches on them before i even managed to leave the house... Also,  it is not a trend shy people should try! I got so many /surprised/ looks i almost felt like a circus freak. Yeah, Slovenes like their clothes black/grey/any other depressingly dark colour. 
There truly might be hard times ahead of us here in Slovenia due to our stupid goverment but i'm staying positively light!

3 komentarji:

Katja pravi ...

ful dober outfit!! who cares kaj si folk misli! ;)

I R E N A.® pravi ...

waw Nina super styling! pa čevlji! a majo prozorno peto? love it!!!

Kitchy Bitchy pravi ...

:) hvala. ja, čevlji imajo prozorno peto ampak so že tako zgonjeni da ne vem če se jih sploh še spodobi nosit