philips fashion week day 1

Philips Fashion Week started with a great show by Slovenia's best young designers Peter Movrin, Petja Zorec, Dajana Ljubičič, Anđela Lukanovič, Ana Jelinič, Nena Florjančič, Sanija Reja Aske, Kaja Magister, Alice Bossman, Arijana Gadžijev and Ivan Rocco. It sounds like a lot but the show was so good it felt like it only lasted a second. It is hard to believe me and Nena had the pleasure of being featured amongst some of them in a fashion show a few years ago... they certainly came a long was since we stopped /pretending to be/ designers ;)
coat by Nena Florjančič! <3!
Ivan Rocco's pink bomber! Nena's true love
Sanija Reja Aske. I must get my hands on those headpieces!
Arijana Gadžijev
 Peter Movrin. Disco hiker. loooove the glitter!
Peter Movrin. all black with a portable joga mat. perfect for all architects!
Anđela Lukanovič's angelic prespex headpieces!
Petja Zorec
Alice Bossman
The beginning was so good i can't wait to see what is yet ahead of us.....

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