philips fashion week day 2.pt 2

Yesterday's last show was far better and more attended than the first one. m*faganel, Firma by Sanja Grcić, Nicola de Main, Aleksandra Brlan and Maja Ferme entertained us with furs, great hats, fun stylings, big volumes, perfect proportions and details of shown pieces. The most surprising was Maja Ferme's collection! While the audience expected to see more of her girly designs she shocked everyone by showing darker, edgier pieces matched by dark-ish music theme. Maybe the political inserts were a bit much but we shall let that slide... her first model managed the get an actual excited applause out of the audience - super rare by Slovenian standards! 

m*faganel's gorilla arms i need!

Firma by Sanja Grcić
 Nicola de Main

Maja Ferme (las photo with Anela Šabanagič - fun fact: both of them are originally from Velenje, my hometown)

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