philips fashion week day 3.pt 1

The third day of Philips Fashion week begun with painful feet from wearing heels the previous two nights and a 'what to wear' crisis... after quickly sewing a new skirt and slipping into another pair of heels i was off to the first show. Tanja Zorn started the show with monochromatic origami inspired clothes, accessorized with interesting bracelets and shoes. Draž surprised me with a slightly more structured line and i must say i quite like the change. My favorite part of the show was the Farandula collection. I loved the details, perforated leather and interesting volumes. Almira Sadar also impressed with detailed fringe-ish pieces. The show continued with Niti Niti knit pieces and i will never forget the last dress - yellow air light gown, worn by beautiful Prisha. It all ended with a sort of boring show by Maxi department store.


 Almira Sadar

 Niti Niti

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