philips fashion week day 3.pt 2


This is the last photo i managed to snap at Philips Fashion Week's last show before /of course/ my camera battery died. Just my luck! The good thing about this was that i actually got to enjoy seeing the show instead of taking photos. OH, and a good show it was! JSP entertained us with fringe designs, dark bird inspired aesthetic and interesting boots. Grošelj bags were a delight to watch, their gold details sparkling under the stage lights. Garevski was just as minimalistic and detailed as expected. 
Nina Šušnjara was definitely the most 'mainstream' and in sync with international trends with spikes, ombre hair, clear heels and harnesses. My favorite piece of hers was a pair of pants with metal details - slimming and fun to watch. 
I  have to be honest and say that i don't remember much about Natasa Hrupic, Akultura nad Natasa Persuh... i do remember i really liked Hrupic's last outfit and everybody i talked to after the show was saying how awesome her show was... and i have some memories of Persuh yeti skirts...but it didn't really impress me that much.

 Garevski. The material reminds me of devore velvet and i'm a sucker for that.
 Grošelj bag, paired with an Ivan Rocco skirt i have been lusting over forever.

Nina Šušnjara's pants i must get my hands on! and the shirt in the last photo!
photos: elle.si

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