Sensing my passion for vintage inspired make up Artdeco made my day by sending me their Dita Von Teese gel eyeliner. Cat eye is sort of my signature look and now i can draw a perfect straight line even easier :)
The Arteco Dita Von Teese line is avaliable here and you can even get a discoount using a code KITCHYWORLDINBITCHYWORDS 812!

4 komentarji:

mimi pravi ...

you = pretty! prelepa šminka!

drsalka™ pravi ...

uf super fotke! probably your best so far - vse ful lepo <3

Kitchy Bitchy pravi ...

you live and you learn! pa še temo, ki me je inspirirala sem imela :)

Iraya pravi ...

love it :)

xo I.