Kenzo day

Last Thursday, i had the pleasure of attending another lovely event at Galerija Emporium. This time the guests had the chance to try on Kenzo clothes, be styled by Paris based stylist Marie Jose Lassere, get their fun Kenzo photo taken and sip some champagne. Quite frankly i must admit that i'll be quite happy  if i never see another tiger sweater again but thanfully Kenzo brand is about so much more than the tiger graphic. After having a hard time choosing the garment to try on I decided on a super short dark blue dress with flower print and the stylist mathced it with Kenzo/Vans blue sneakers to give it a really realxed funky vibe. 

3 komentarji:

Maruša Lemut pravi ...

Luškan styling in čudovite vanske na spodniji sliki! mogoče veš kakšna je cena?

Nina Štajner pravi ...

Hvala :) cene pa na žalost nisem pogledala :(


No, tvoj stajling je pa tebi res pasal :)