Swap party

Last Saturday, Vintage Vikend teamed up with Mak Fest for a charity swap party. We've done it last year as well and it was so warmly received that we simply had to do it again. This year we decided to spice it up by inviting a couple of slovenian fashion bloggers to join us. It was a lovely event where fashionistas could swap their clothes for new items, have a drink and chat about fashion all the while helping raise some money for charity. Talk about a win win situation! 
 Our blogger guests: Špela, Lara Ula, Saša, Manca and moi 

Tjaša and me, dead tired from just finishing working on another event but determined to make the swap party the best one yet!

 Vintage Vikend and Mak Fest teams joining forces
I want to especially thank the Make Fest team, Brooklyn Cafe and the bloggers for making the event so warm and lovely!

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