decorating on a budget

Lately, ive been remodeling my office, all very budget restricted because i don't want to make any large investments into a space i have no plans of staying in for a longer period of time. Making lighting objects the center of attention is one of  the strongest signatures of my interior design style. Unfortunately all decent lighting shades are ridiculousely expensive so i decided to diy mine. I used a similar chandelier i made last summer as an inspiration but adjusted the design by using lighter paper and shorter strips. Since the room is otherwise mostly monochrome i made it yellow so it also adds a pop of color. But i can't reveal all the secrets yet... stay tuned to see the entire room! 
Today, i'm only sharing a step by step process of making a lamp so you can make your own room more fun:
 step one: cut the paper into desired shape
 step two: tape the strips of paper onto a cheap paper lantern
 step three: repeat indefinitely

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