Blueberry Tart(an)

wearing: vintage bag + skirt, pirate piška top, melissa botties, h&m blazer, ebay necklace
photo: Anja
As the autumn in slowly creeping into town i'm getting more and more excited about piling on the layers of clothing. Tartan print has now been making 'a comeback' every fall/winter season since i can remember but i never really embraced it. Until i found this vintage skirt at the back of my aunt's closet. Of course it was originally much longer but it only took me a few minutes to cut it to a perfect 'school girl' lenght. 

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Mihaela Majerhold-O. pravi ...

Very Lovely. Lp

Svetlana pravi ...

zelo lep outfit :)
kikla mi je res zelo vsec :)

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