Destiny (or something)

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Like most previous years, i pondered about the usual h&m + designer marketing trick. Most times, i don't even like the pieces (ok, minus the Versace collab, that one was righ up my alley) but somehow end up feeling pressured into wanting them. This year i was at ease since the Marant look really isn't my usual aesthetic...until i noticed THE boots. Slouchy, fringed, kind of 80ies inspired boots. My kind of boots. But i really didn't feel like getting up super early and fighting a bunch of greedy fashionistas so i let the idea of owning them go. Also, im not in a financial place to be buying another pair of boots. In the evening, though, the bf needed some basic shit from h&m so i ended up in the store anyways. Some pieces of the collection were still waiting to find their eager owners but there were no booties left... instead of letting it go i had to /had to, i tell you!/ ask the clerk if they were even available in Slovenia and he said that yes, and yes, there is one pair left - the ones in the window, size 36. In the minute it took him to fetch them i secretly hoped they would be as uncomfortable as all other collab shoes (come on, it's not my first time at this carnival, i tried my luck with the Lanvins, Versaces and the Margielas before) but no, they were perfect. So i bought them. And now i'm on a giant guilt trip. But at least it's a fabulous one...

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Svetlana pravi ...

Ti crevlji so tako lepi!

Res zalostna sem bla, ker si jih zaradi univerze (knjige so pred drage bile ta semster!) nisem mogla privosciti :(

Svetlana od Lavender Star

Gypsy Gardens pravi ...

Oh they are the only ones from the H&M collaboration I really really want... I was also hoping they would be uncomfortable. Luckily for me, they are sold out here in Croatia. Don't feel guilty, money will come but these are really statement and classic :)

ribellina pravi ...

Jaz sem se tudi zaljubila v te škornje.
Dvakrat sem jih imela do zdaj obute. Prvič sem prehodila v njih 100m od avta pa do kina, ter drugič malo dlje. Vendar se mi je podplat čisto uničil, kamenčki so se kar zarili notri in zgornja plast se je kar zgubala. A tvoji so ok?

Nina Stajner pravi ...

:) thanks for the encouragement, @Gypsy Gardens. i definitely feel less bad about buying them!

Glede obrabe so se moji očitno veliko bolje obnesli. Imela sem jih imela obute dva krat po cel dan in so 'kot novi', pa čeprav sem tekala po kamenčkih, blatu itd... Kvaliteta izdelave verjetno res ni najboljša, ti pa predlagam da jih odneseš k čevlarju in si daš naredit gumijast podplat ;)