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So, whats new is that i started teaching a decoration class at the local high school. The good part is that i love new challenges and i get to teach a class way more fun than maths. The bad part of it is the fact that am not a natural born teacher so it's kinda hard for me to do the job, but i think i'm getting a hang of it. Our last project was an exercise about use of color. We used simple household items like paper, old mason jars/bottles, watercolors and twigs to make a cool wintertime decoration. The level of perfection may not be completely up to my standards, but for their first time my students did a great job! What do you think, is it worth an a grade?

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Anita (Life.Style.Fun.) pravi ...

Oo, super ideja. Ne vem, če se ne bom lotila tega ta teden!

Amanda Chic pravi ...

amazing post

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