Inside spring

Spring is the perfect time to practice the art of flower arranging! Instead of spending a fortune on store bought flowers you can just pop into your local forest and pick your favorites. Added bonus is the joy of morning walks and fresh spring air, filled with the smell of wet grass. 
 Materials used: wild flowers, mason jar, floral scissors, washi tapes (some Ikea, some provided by Art

On today's morning journey i found some of the ultimate spring flowers (snowdrops, catkins and spring heath) with green, white and pink color scheme. Upon returning home i realized i didn't have the right type of a vase to put the flowers in so i decided to use old mason jars.
  First off, I created a grid across the opening of the mason jar to support stems. I really should have used floral tape but since i didn't have any at home i just improvised with washi tape. 
Then i started clipping and arranging flowers within the grid. You can play around a bit and just tuck the flowers in wherever you feel it looks the best. Keep turning your arrangement and filling it in until it looks perfect. At the end i decided to 'hide' the stems and decorate the jar with washi tapes, using green and pink ones to emphasise the arrangement's fresh, spring look. 

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Čudovita vazica. Pomlad mi navadno ponagaja z vrsto alergij, ampak kljub vsemu je še vedno moj najljubši letni čas :)