Last minute Valentines day DIY surprise

 As Valentines day is coming up tomorrow the stores are filled with heart shaped everything, fluffy teddy bears (holding poliester hears) and edible panties. But as a girl who prefers a declaration of love that involves less shopping and more diy i came up with a simple /last minute/ tutorial that will bring a smile to your loved one's face! 

  All you need is a bunch of flowers (in the spirit of Valentines day i chose classic red roses, but you can use tulips or other cut flowers as well), string and chalk.
 I started by cutting the stems off the roses (and prickling my finger on the thorn):
 Then i tied the roses together using a golden string, leaving about 10cm of space in between the flowers.
 All i did then is tape the strings of roses to the wall and write the love note on to a chalkboard wall (it's written in Slovenian and it translates to ˝Love is in the air˝). Simple as that. 
And the best part? Your loved one can leave the flowers to dry out and keep them forever as a souvenir to your undying love ;)

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