DIY doggie hair bow

Yes, i am totally a dog person and a proud owner (mama) of the cutest, fluffiest and most stubborn little girl named Linda Evangelista. She's of coton de tulear breed and her perfect white coat requires quite a lot of grooming but i actually enjoy bathing and combing her (and she doesn't mind it that much either). What i will say is that the prices for doggy hair ties are just ridiculous! The most expensive bow was the one i got for her on a trip to Milan and it cost me about 20€ so after regretting that purchase /when she lost it a week later/ i started making them myself. The cost per bow comes to about 40cents and i get to play around with different ribbons, sequins and pearls so i'm pretty happy... unfortunately Linda doesn't even care; she just wants the treat she gets when we're done grooming! 
     If you decide to get creative and make bows for your pet here's what you'll need: cute ribbon, sequins of your liking, needle, some thread, scissors and a tiny rubber hair tie. 
All you need to do is shape the ribbon into a bow, sew it in place....

                                               .....add the sequin and sew the hair tie to the back.....

                                       ...cut the ends of the ribbon into V shapes and voila, its done!

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