DIY :: distressed jeans

Yes, distressed jeans are one of the biggest spring trends; again. This trend has really been around for ages but it seems that these days rebellious teenagers are not the only ones rocking it. Finally, a distressed pair of jeans is appropriate for grownups as well! Hooooray! You can get them basically in any shop ... or ... search your closet for a forgotten pair that just needs some freshening up. 
All you'll need for this simple diy is a pair of old jeans, sewing chalk, scissors and an old foot file.
The best way to decide where to cut the jeans is to put them on and use the fabric chalk to draw lines on desired places.
Then take the jeans off and start cutting. 
    After you've cut the fabric use the foot file to distress the material and make the cuts look 'aged'.
See the diference between the 'fresh' and the 'distressed' cuts?
wearing: Replay espadrilles thanks to Mass, diy jeans, zara top, vintage necklace
                                                     And voila, i have a 'new' pair of jeans!

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