DIY :: fringe shoes

Fringe is one of the biggest trends for this summer and i really wanted a fringed piece in my closet. I didn't want it to feel too ˝boho˝or ˝coachella˝ like so i knew i wanted the piece to be black, classy and small. After seeing fringe heels all over the internet i decided to diy a pair of fringe shoes...
 All you need for this simple diy is a pair of shoes with ankle straps (ok, mine are t-bars but i think it would work out even better with plain ankle straps), scissors and a piece of (p)leather.
 First off measure how long you want your fringe to get and then cut about a zilion thin (about 5mm wide) straps in desired lenght.
                                    Then you have to tie them on to the ankle strap... all of them!
It took me about 3 hours to do both shoes but i think it was totally worth the effort. 
So this is how the shoes look now; i actually get tons of compliments and they are super fun to wear because of their movement. The best part is that whenever i get tired of the fringe i can just take it off! 
wearing: asos shoes, h&m jeans + cardigan, gap top, vintage necklace, ebay earrings

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Anita (Life.Style.Fun.) pravi ...

Ooo, vrhunski so, bravo!

sp pravi ...

Zakon ideja za stare čevlje! :)