What no one tells you about lace up gladiator sandals

This season, lace up gladiator were every-where and after lusting over them i finally /against my better judgement/ decided to get a pair. Yes, i realize my legs are not those of toothpick proportions but i figured they would look cool peeking from underneath the slit maxi dresses.
wearing: asos lace up gladiators, vintage Grošelj bag, h&m dress, random sunnies
So yeah, that was the plan. I found a pair i really liked on Asos and they were even made of real leather so i went for it. And when they arrived the reality hit. What no one tells you about lace up gladiator sandals is that while they might look cool they are COMPLETELY USELESS. The strings start sliding down your legs after about 6 steps so you have to keep pulling them up and therefore can't really walk. Below; you can see the result of me trying to walk from my apartment to my car (about 50 meters): 
So before buying your own pair i recommend thinking about your lifestyle - if you're one of those people whose only job is to stand/sit and look pretty i say go for it but if' you're looking for a pair of stylish shoes for actual walking stay away from them! 

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