Power reading for dummies

Growing up in a household where i wasn't allowed to watch television i've always loved reading but these days i barely find time to open a book. Apart from lacking the time i find it hard to focus so i've decided to do someting about it and took a power reading course at Kratos institute, which, in just one weekend improved my reading skills in a way i never imagined. 
When i started the course my reading speed was 280 words per minute a comprehension level of 53% and after a weekend of intensive practice i can now read at a speed of 670  words per minute with a 73% comprehension level. The tecnique of power reading they teach at Kratos applies to any kind of written texts; from novels to professional literature so i higjly reccomend taking the course to everyone - weather you have to finish reading material for your master thesis or just want to enjoy reading more horror stories! 

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