Giveaway :: Planter's

First, i have to be honest and say that this is in no way a proper beauty/fashion blog but since i am afterall a woman and love all kitschy things (cue the name of the blog) i want to share a product i absolutely adore.
I first came across Planter's repairing cream about two years ago and have been using it ever since. I LOVE the fact that it's all natural, absorbes quickly and leaves my skin moisturized, but by far it's best feature is that it can be used on face/body/hands so i don't have to have three different creams lying around. Oh, and of course; it's packed into the nicest bright containers ever! I admit owning three Planter's creams - i keep one on my nightstand that i use before bedtime, one in my bag for daily use (and, yes, the pretty heart printed container gets a compliment every time i pull it out to moisturize my hands) and the third one is for one of you, my dear readers! 
Tomorrow, this blog will celebrate it's 7th anniversary and i teamed up with Planter's to share the joy and reward one lucky reader with a beautiful Natural&Young cream and a matching mascara! Hoooray, all you have to do to win is go to Kitchy World facebook page and follow the instructions there :)
Good luck! 

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