Day trip: Portopiccolo Sistiana

Last weekend i was at a friends place, enjoying brunch and since the weather was nice and none of us had any plans we decided to take a trip. Tempted by all of the beautiful Instagram pictures we chose Portopiccolo Sistiana as our destination and set off on a journey.
In the center, there are quite a few design stores where one can buy cool home accessories.
 About an hour later, we were at the Italian coast, driving on a beautiful seaside road and wishing for a convertible car. For me, Italy is such a magical country; i just love the signature historic architecture, mellow weather, aperitifs, crazy drivers and the wholesome energy. Yet Portopiccolo is none of these things and i was left fairly disappointed. 
The view from the top of the developement truly is stunning. 
All over Portopiccolo, small stalls are overflowing with beautiful flowers and herbs.
Portopiccolo is a brand new developement of villas, spas, restaurants, design shops and a marina. The 'center' is build in a 'faux' historic style, that looks too clean/perfect/fake/kitschy. I can not comprehend why anyone would decide to build faux historic buildings in Italy, it feels very Vegas-y and gross but i might understand if the developers had to follow specific visual guidelines. As we walked through the development,  the ˝historic˝ style transcended into sleek modern pavilions, where the spa and the beach club are located. There, we enjoyed a (very overpriced) aperitif and thankfully didn't have to share the snacks with the pigeons, like in Udine. There is not really much else to do /at this time of the year/ so we got back into the car and drove back home; after taking a few photos for Instagram, of course ;)
The best thing about Italy (apart from Aperol) is that dogs are welcome everywhere! 

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