New York memories: interior design shops

My cravings for graphic prints + brass was satisfied at Jonathan Adler.
It's been a while since i returned from New York but life has been so busy i didn't have the time to share my favourite sights: interior design shops! I'm making up for that with this post, filled with beutiful furniture and home accessories. In New York, you can get virtually anything so as a designer you have way more creative freedom than say in Slovenia, where i always feel sort of limited by the seleciton of pieces avaliable on the /tiny and Ikea dominated/ market. Browsing some of New York's finest shops i felt super inpired and im really excited to be able to share some snaps with you, my dear readers! 
One of the shops i was looking forward to visiting in person was Jonathan Adler, where i obsessed over graphic prints, brass details, neon signs and overall luxury feel.
In NYC it's always a good idea to look up while walking down the street!
Kartell store in Soho has that cool industrial feel with beautiful historic columns and it serves as a perfect backdrop for their cool signature plastic furniture and accessories. 
Infinite chair options at Kartell.
Yes, it was totally my intention to color match my outfit to Central park sunset.
At Blackbody, they specialize in custom OLED lighting. 
Blackbody lights are avaliable in many shapes and sizes.
Lillian August store was all about neutral colours, rich textures and antique brass finishes. 
More brass at Lillian August. How cool is this globe table?
Greene street in Soho is lined with high end furniture showrooms. Heaven! 

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