Weekend getaway: Prekmurje

Im not sure if i ever mentioned this, but my boyfriend comes from Prekmurje, the very eastern part of our beautiful Slovenia. One would think that this fact would imply that know the region but no, apparenly i have to be invited to a bloggers retreat to learn more about the beautiful spas, delicious food, gorgeous golf courses, mesmerizing castles, amazing wine celars and every thing else Prekmurje has to offer. Yes, it's a region really worth exploring, with friends or the significant other and i'm super glad to be able to share some tips on what to do! 
Prekmurje is definitely not the place to even consider dieting! The region is famous for it's culinary treats and most of the food is organic and locally grown. 
Camera eats first, especially on a bloggers retreat! 

There are many thermal water springs in the area; therefore you can relax in one of the many spas; but Wellness Thermalium has recently been renovated and is therefore the most beautiful one /at least in my humble opinion/. 
After all that delicious food you can play some golf at the Livada golf course. Obviously i did not wear the right outfit yet i still managed to have tons of fun ;)
Another great place to visit  /especially for the children/ is Vulkanija, a theme park where you learn /via 3d movies and really really cool displays/ all about volcanoes, the histrory of earth and rocks.
Another place that took my breath away was the Negova castle. I can easily imagine its perfectly manicured lawns and carefully restored buliding serving as a great backdrop for weddings and other events. 
Is there a better way to end a day than with a tour of the sparkling wine cellars like Radgonske gorice? If you love a bit of bubbly this is the place definitely the place to go and enjoy the tradition! 
Najboljšo novico sem prihranila za konec; in sicer si tudi vi lahko privoščite vikend paket za dve osebi v Grand hotelu Primus na Ptuju! Vse kar morate storiti je, da kliknete SEM in glasujete za svojo najljubšo blogerko (khm, khm)! 

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